Unlocking LTE Wi-Fi Router

Unlocking or Debranding 4G Connect Wi-Fi Router

OTA Update will Undo all unlocking.Do it on your own risk 

It better to put the router into factory default .

Step 1:- Check your firmware Version by browsing to IP of router (default

If the version is above than 1.02.33, better downgrade to 1.02.33 and then to 1.02.32. (I find success in this way).Final we need older firmware version (1.02.32) to running in the Router.

The Zip file have two firmware 1.02.33(mr7015al-zz_r0b_FW_1.02.33(20120618)) and 1.02.32(mr7015al-zz_r0b_FWN_1.02.32(20120330))

Click on the Firmware Update->than browse file mr7015al-zz_r0b_FWN_1.02.32(20120330) ->update

This will reboot router. Now make sure that we running ver1.02.32

Step2:-Flashing the LTE module.

Click on the LTE Module Upgrade -> than browse file LTE_20120321_1K5QCI_4036_M0.02 ->update

This reboot the router again .Sometime routers will not response it around 2mins finish flashing.

Step3:- Click on the Adv.Setting -> Vendor Profile select->no profile unlock – MCC/MNC: 0/00

-> SIM Lock ->unselect

-> Check Firmware info time->2-3

This reboots the router again

Step4:- Click on the AT Command -> SIM Security ->Disable->submit

Reboots again

Step 5:- Click on the LTE/UMTS and make changes for your network setting (like APN or dial no.) ->Apply change

It should work fine….



34 thoughts on “Unlocking LTE Wi-Fi Router”

  1. i am unable to change the sim security to disable, its on enable even after i click submit,i have done all other steps,pls help

      1. but am having the problem after unlocking it 3 hours it gets updated automatically . please help me if there is way to stop the automatic update.

  2. i fallow all ur instructions but still no data ,upload,daownload but i have the signal,,,it doesnt work on at command diable what was the reason pls help,,,,,

    1. hi! I tried to unlock my friends router using the same method. The first 2 was a success but the 3rd one just keeps on rebooting. It does not transmit signal. What can I do to fix it? I hope you can help me.Thanks!

  3. It works only for a day. Every morning the FW gets updated (Firmware: 1.02.41) then i have to repeat every steps to make it work again. How to stop FW auto-update? Also, sim disabling steps is not saving. Please advise. Thanks

  4. thank u very much for this information.. i now unlock my router that i bought in KSA, im gonna bring this to the Philippines..

  5. LTE wi-fi Router
    S/n: J246167955
    Mac: 507E5DB236BB
    Imei: 352705058800820
    Pls. I need your help bcos hav forgotten the password to access this wireless. So, I want it to be factory default. Thanks am looking forward to your response may God bless u.

    1. download teamviewer Software
      Give your Username & password
      i will access your device & give password tom you

  6. Any one have the Firmware for this device?, after updating this device craped and seems that NVRAM deleted, please help me to get the firmware Thanks, Manoj

  7. sir i want a help … my router is not working …its my fault …i type worng ip adrres .. now i cant use the router …pls help me… my router IM359938042370351…

  8. Thanks dear
    Now i can use my any sim on mobily 4g router,
    But the problem is i cant get 4g/lte.
    Its catch only 3g after downgrade.
    I tried to change it on band 4g only but nothing.
    Is there any solution?
    Thanks again

    1. Dear ALL,

      If you have any problem with this router. for example… keep on rebooting or pin/puk required contact me at unlockjeddah@gmail.com

      Only people in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia can contact i will fix your router with very little charges. thanks

  9. Dear All,

    Anybody have an idea that how to downgrade? as i am using a router which is showing its firmware .41 on the end… please help if any body can thank you

  10. Hi Friends,
    When do these steps don’t forget to disable the automatic update also.
    Step3:- Click on the Adv.Setting -> Vendor Profile select->no profile unlock – MCC/MNC: 0/00
    Firmware info url: the value to
    Apply changes

  11. Dear
    I use mobily 4g connect qdc model router. I update it with quanta firmware to unlock the modem. After that it is not working and keep rebooting. Then i opened it and removed gsm module, then i updated it without gsm module. after finished updating i re-fitted the gsm module. now the modem starting is ok but not detect any sim card and status is showing “connecting” and “no device detected”. auto,2g,3g,4g options not showed and showed “no LTE dongle” in LTE/UMTS page. no LTE/UMTS settings information showing in home page. after some times starting modem only showing vendor info Quanta 1K5 in home page in LTE/UMTS status section. after that status showing “pin/puk required”. after some times vendor info Quanta disappear in status
    i am in Riyadh.Can you help me ?

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