Create System Image & Restoring Image in Windows 8.1

To Create a System Image Backup

Connect the External HDD and check for the Drive Letter (in this case its” E :”) .Also makes sure that the back-up drive has more storage room than the space used of your C: drive.

  • Right click Start menu and select Windows PowerShell (admin) ,Click yes to the User Account Control if prompted

    In the powershell enter the following command:


    wbAdmin start backup -backupTarget:E: -include:C: -allCritical –quiet


    Note: The above command tells the Windows to back up the C: drive onto the E: drive, including all critical volumes containing the system’s state. The -quiet switch tells the cmdlet to run without prompting you.


To Restore from that System Image Backup

    To restore a system image backup, you’ll need to boot from Windows 8.1 installation media, or system repair disc. Insert the Windows 8.1 installation media or system repair disc and reboot your computer.

Press Enter if you see “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD


In the Windows Setup window, click the Repair your computer link. On the bottom left.


Click the Troubleshoot icon from the Choose an option Window.


Click the Advanced Options icon in the troubleshooting Window.


In the Advance Options window click on System Image Recovery  icon.


Choose the target operating system which would be the Windows 8.1


Windows 8.1 will scan your computer to detect any recent images created.

Because we booted of the Disk the drive letter might change but not the drive name or date and time.

So click on next in the Re-image your computer window.

Check-mark  Format and repartition disks. Click next.

Confirm the re-imaging process by clicking on finish and click on yes to the warning saying that the drive will be re-image from the back up you created.

Once you re-start your computer should boot exactly the same as when you created the image backup.


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